RAGofAZ 12 Dogs of Christmas Day 4

This holiday season, we’d like to celebrate some of the Golden lives that were saved by our rescue and whose medical treatment was possible because of your donations.

Meet Buster, our fourth of the “Twelve Dogs of 2018."

Buster - $1,900

Everyone from the transporters, to the vet team, to the veterinarians all fell in love with Buster at first sight. He is a beautiful, lovable, velcro boy.

Buster came us to at age six years, frightened, weighing 90 lbs, and needing our Gold Standard of care. He had two rotten teeth and a baby molar that were causing him much pain and could potentially cause a life-threatening infection. We extracted the three teeth giving him relief from that source of pain . His severe ear infections, another source of pain, and kennel cough were treated with antibiotics. It took a while for the infection to clear.

After neutering, vaccinating, microchipping and lots of love his forever family adopted him.

Won't you please help rescue more dogs like Buster? Any size donation is appreciated. Thank you!

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Leo 2100Our third of the twelve dogs -

Leo - $2,100

Eight-year-old Leo came to us barely able to get up and down by himself, and walking was painful due to severe hip dysplasia. It was obvious that his days left on this earth were numbered. Our two options were surgery which was not a good solution for a dog his age, or stem cell therapy. Our vet team spent weeks researching and deliberating which way to go. Stem cell therapy looked like the best solution for this senior boy.

It is amazing to see Leo today. He not only gets up and down with ease, but he can go for walks again. He is a happy dog who has many years added to his lifespan due to stem cell therapy. He was neutered, received all immunizations, and microchipped.

A few short years ago, this would not be a medical or financial option. Leo is a success story because of new technology and the ability for RAGofAZ to take advantage of this technology through the generosity of people like you.

Tiny Tim 3500

Our second of the twelve dogs - 

Tiny Tim - $3,500

Eighteen-month-old Tiny Tim came into rescue from a breeder in August. Tim had a congenital liver shunt that was considered inoperable because its location was not easily accessible. Without surgery. Tim’s life would be shortened and his abilities would be limited. Tiny Tim, only 50 pounds, began a battery of tests and was fed three meals per day to fatten him up. After months of building him up and diagnostic tests, it was determined that there was indeed a chance for surgery for Tim. On November 30th, Tim had a cellophane sheath applied to the shunt which will allow Tim’s body to close the shunt on its own. To date, Tim is doing well and acting like the puppy he still is!

Jameson 4100Our first of the twelve dogs -

Jameson - $4,100

Jameson was on Craigslist three times. The breeder sold him, the first adopter had kids and no time, the second didn’t keep him because of frequent urination.  Then a co-worker bought him but didn’t want to keep him because of excessive urination.  Jameson had to be moved two more times to see specialists because of severe gastrointestinal problems.  After many months of tests, treatments, medical boarding, a special diet, and medications, he is now a normal boy in a stable, loving home.