sick pupaspergillus fungusCanine Aspergillus Fungus 

This fungus lives in rotting vegetation including fruit from trees. Dogs digging around in dead leaves and sniffing rotting fruit can inhale the fungal spores infecting the nasal chambers, resulting in clinical aspergillosis.  Dogs are more susceptible with a compromised immune system such as Valley Fever.  Golden Retrievers are more susceptible.


  • Chronic mucus drainage from one nostril
  • Doesn’t respond to antihistamines and antibiotics
  • Destruction of nasal and sinus structures
  • Lightening of nose color
  • Nosebleeds
  • Pawing at the nose


Drugs are injected into the nasal and sinus cavities under anesthesia and can require several treatments to fully kill all the fungal cells.  If left untreated, the fungal infection can become systemic which is more difficult to treat with a less than ideal prognosis.

healty infected sinusPrevention

  • Keep your yard clear of rotting fruit and leaves, hay, straw, etc.
  • Maintain your dog’s healthy immune systems

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