tug bo1We know that your fabulous photo of your four-legged friend will bring a smile to everyone who sees it! At a time when our burdens are heavy and our pleasures are on hold, you have helped us to connect over a common bond – our love of dogs.

At the same time, your donation enables us to continue our efforts to save Golden Retrievers who wait desperately, both here and abroad, for rescue and reprieve. On behalf of every Golden who is hoping for a life like the one we see depicted in your photo, thank you for your generosity and kindness.

All for the love of a Golden,

Heather Marcom - President

Thank you to our Summer Swimmers!

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  • 13-Zoey.png
  • 30-Phoenix_Gale-M-Davidson.png
  • 25_Maise.png
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  • 17-Cooper-and-Jake--Kelly-and-Don-Cook1.png
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  • 10-Muggsy-Moppie--Trixie-Erin_Albert.png
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