Thank you for being a Golden Hero!

happy new year goldensAs we move swiftly into a new year, I want to thank you, the heroes of Rescue A Golden of Arizona, for your dedicated support of our mission.   

Perhaps you volunteered your time and energy by serving on one of our many rescue teams, which operate like a well-oiled machine from the moment we hear there is a Golden Retriever in need.  You and your dog may have joined us at community events here in the Valley, in Prescott or Tucson.  Maybe you participated in the Fiesta Bowl Parade or at one of our gift wrapping events, which raised hundreds of donation dollars. 

Then there is our cadre of members and donors who contribute their hard-earned funds year after year so that sick and injured Goldens can receive the care they need despite the cost.  Life-saving surgery, imaging, specialized treatments, expensive medications .... none of this would be possible without your generosity.  

Whatever you did this year to make the life of a Golden Retriever special by adopting, volunteering, donating, or showering love on a dog that has never known the touch of human kindness, I offer my heartfelt thanks.  If the spirit moves you, the holiday season is a wonderful time to make your tax deductible end-of-year donation to RAGofAZ, and help ensure that our work continues.  

On behalf of every Golden Retriever whose life you have touched - and those who do not yet know they will need us - please accept my gratitude for your devotion to our cause, and my warmest wishes for a Golden New Year. 

Kelly Cook ~ President