red golden retrieversadie nov cropped 1 revThere will always be that dog that no dog will ever replace, the dog that will make you cry even when it’s been gone for more years than it could ever have lived.

For me, these were my Beloved Golden Retrievers who literally saved my life.

Golden Retrievers have been and are my lifeline and true emotional support. Their happy faces, unconditional love, loyalty that knows no bounds and above all, their soulful loving eyes that connect to our souls coupled with their treasured companionship have carried me the past 25 years through many arduous challenges.

I know I am not the only one that knows the Heaven-sent value of these very special and precious animal companions. This is why they are so Beloved by all who are so blessed to have them in their lives.

This is why Rescue A Golden exists to bring this joy and happiness to both the rescued Golden and their new Owner.

Life is just better with a Golden and for me the only way I survived.

They are to be treasured and cherished as such angels from Heaven above.

Sometimes we will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

May our Goldens be celebrated in our lives for who they are and what they mean to every one of us and I, for one, look forward to spending eternity with them where we will never be separated again.

Christina Tangalos, M.D
RAG Member