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George Bailey came into our lives in October, a week before Halloween. On the day he arrived, we swore to make the remaining years of his life the best they have ever been. George was 10 years old when he made the journey to the rainbow bridge - way too young to leave our lives. George Bailey had a way of touching every heart he met. He would lean into you for an ear scratch, or put his head in your lap for a few pats on the head. He would sit quietly if he knew he was going to get a treat, or hold up his paw to meet you if you were new to him. He would let you cry on his shoulder, or make you laugh with his goofy grin. To look at George Bailey was to see a mixture of a golden retriever and a large teddy bear. He could be found every Friday at the PetSmart Corporate office, laying spread eagle in the middle of the isle, hoping someone would notice him and stop to say hello. It was hard not to notice him lying there, and so many, many folks would stop by to see him during their day. He loved to go for car rides and would often ride shotgun, giving you an “awe, mom!” look if you told him to get in the back seat. It didn’t matter where he went, just as long as he was included. He was trying to nab the world record for destroying squeaky toys the fastest. We would often go to PetSmart and he would put his head in the toy bin and nudge the toys around until he found the perfect toy and then he would carry it to the counter for check out. This would always draw a comment or smile from the associates and customers alike. George Bailey was a great promoter of charitable organizations. He participated three times in the Phoenix Alzheimer’s Walk; twice in the PetSmart Charities Pet Walk in Tempe; and once in the Scottsdale Prada Del Sol Parade. He even modeled and was selected for the PetSmart Charities 2013 Calendar. In addition, George Bailey loved to participate in the Rescue a Golden, Barnes & Noble Gift Wrap event. He loved the fact that he could get so much attention in one location. There are so many stories; so many smiles; so many tale wags; so many memories. George Bailey touched so many people. He truly made our lives wonderful. ... did you hear that bell ringing? An angel just got his wings....

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