Scottie1cScottie2cWe have some very exciting news!

Our very own, Scottie McGowan, was selected by the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) and the NRC (National Rescue Committee) as this year's Starfish Award winner! This is the highest honor within the NRC and she was selected among several other nominees.

For those of you who don’t know Scottie, she has been a key volunteer for many years and currently holds the position of Director of Golden Rescue. She has been the driver of our international rescue program and is responsible for saving many, many Goldens from certain death in places like South Korea, China, Turkey and Mexico.

Scottie has been active in rescue since 2008 and has served on the Executive Board since 2011, allowing her to have an impact on the local, state and national level. Scottie oversees teams of 81 volunteers, has standardized statewide operations, developed six comprehensive team manuals and forms to improve the collection of crucial intake information.

Scottie has had a profound effect on the dogs that she helps rescue. From training manuals to establishing relationships with breeders and fellow rescue groups, Scottie is truly all about the dogs. Scottie’s mantra: “hunger, illness, and despair know no language, no culture and no boundary.”

Please help us congratulate Scottie on winning this award—it was certainly well earned!


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