bo shark amityWe know this seems like a long hot boring summer without much going on. However, here at Rescue A Golden of Arizona (RAGofAZ), we are faced with a new challenge: finding ways to raise funds digitally to ensure that the Golden Retrievers we rescue can receive urgently needed medical care.

We thought why not do some “fun-raising” by sharing photos of our fabulous four-legged friends doing the one thing they love the most in summer – swimming! Here’s how:

Beginning on August 6, 2020 you can submit a photo of your favorite dog swimming … in a pool, at a beach, at a lake, or just lying in bed thinking about swimming … for a donation of $25.00 or more. 

• When you submit your photo to us, please add a short “thought” that we will place in a thought bubble like the one you see here.

• If you can’t think of a thought bubble, don’t worry, we’ll make up one for you, or you can choose to not include one.

• We will feature your photo in our weekly e-blasts and on our website until the unofficial end of summer on September 7th; plus, your doggo will be spotlighted on our RAGofAZ Facebook and Instagram pages for an entire day so you can tell all your friends that Fido is “trending” on social media!

You may submit your photo from August 6 through August 24, and we will begin displaying them on our social media and website on August 10.  We will continue to feature our special swimmers individually on Facebook and Instagram until every dog has had his or her day in the sun.  Any dog you love (or have ever loved) is eligible, Golden or other, executing a precision dive or cheering from a chaise lounge.  What a great way to remember a Bridge dog. 

dogs turned down acClick below to make your donation and upload your photo. We can’t wait to see your favorite pups doing the RAGofAZ “dog paddle!” 

Send us your Summer Swimmers!

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time, and please stay safe –

Judi Schillaci ~ Interim Director of Fundraising