poppy1poppy2Check out this pupdate from one of our recent adoptive families. Poppy is one lucky girl to have found such a great family!

“We were lucky enough to be chosen to take Kiara (now Poppy) into our home in late July 2019. She came from Guadalajara, Mexico and not much was known about her except that she’d had puppies fairly recently and was about two years old.

We quickly learned she had had some negative experiences, specifically at night. Every evening she would quickly trot to the bathroom and wedge herself face first between the toilet and bathtub. She’d tuck in her legs and tail as much as she could, and she wouldn’t move all night. In the mornings she’d wake happy and worry free. This persisted for months, despite RagofAZ generously providing a consult with a behaviorist. We worked hard to show her consistency and patience and eventually, about 4 months in, she came out at night and sat with us when we watched tv. I almost cried. I could tell she was nervous and tense but she did it. Ever since, she hides right at dusk then comes out and gets cozy for the evening. Even as I type this she’s snoring soundly on the couch out in the open. She still bolts to her hiding place when everyone goes to bed, but it’s a huge shift.

poppy3poppy4Poppy is certainly the definition of a success story. I think we could tell from the start she had a sweet golden temperament but it was hidden beneath a shell of fear and uncertainty. She has worked so hard to be a happy go lucky pup, and she is well on her way. But I feel like the success is not just limited to her; it extends to us as well. She’s helped us to heal from losing both of our dogs last year. She’s been successful at making our house feel warm and homey, just the way all dogs do. She’s provided gentle companionship for our remaining dog, George who was lonely without his pack. She plays when he wants and gives him space when he’s not interested. She thoroughly enjoys and seeks out our small children and I know that makes them feel so special. They love to tell people about her and they’re so proud of her.”