23 017 Akron now TeddyAdopted April 8, 2023

Everything is going great with Teddy. Upon arrival here he was very submissive and reticent about the new world he had arrived in -he was very cautious about everything from the screen door to the TV.

What a difference a few weeks make!! He has discovered the joy of going for a daily walk, to the new world of lizards. He is learning to play with our other Golden Tuggen, and even becoming a little assertive. It is fun to watch him grow and become the dog he was meant to be. He still cowers when a hand or arm is raised (as going to pet him) but is getting better. He responds well to basic commands -sit , stay. We introduced him to the pool today and he was not impressed but Tuggen is showing him the way.
Also want to mention that he is great with kids; our grandkids love him.