23 032 Daisy

Adoption Pending

-- Daisy's birthdate is April 7, 2015. Her previous owner fed her Beneful and one raw egg in the morning and in the evening. She loves to go on walks. She does not go to dog parks. She has the run of the house. She is permitted on the bed but does not go on furniture. Her crate is her safe place as there is a bed in there. She does not like loud noises thunder fireworks, and will go to her crate for safety. She’s housebroken.  She will go to the door to let you know she wants to go out. She knows how to swim and will go in the pool if you carry her in. She loves to be petted. She’s active, but a moderate level of activity. She loves to be brushed and bathed . She has an auto immune issue. Her jaw is slightly deformed. She cannot open it as far as other goldens. She’s been around school-age children, teens, and seniors. She wears a harness in the car as she gets very anxious. She knows basic commands. She’s never been around cats or other animals except dogs. She does not bark or growl, and stays by her owner. She had previously come from a breeder.

Eight years old
65 lbs

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