November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month!

seniors buddy kirby deckerIf you want to adopt or foster a Golden Retriever, please consider a senior dog. So many people want a puppy, but senior Goldens will give you all the joys of dog ownership without the hassles of having a "youngster."  A senior has been potty trained, is finished with the chewing and teething stage, is a little less energetic, and usually knows basic commands. Older Goldens can fit into your life with little trouble and will reward you with love and companionship in return.  

RAGofAZ received an inquiry from a prospective adoptive family looking to open their hearts and home to a senior golden. She wrote: "Some of the most treasured times with our rescue were in the end when I could care for him and his needs.  Doing this made me slow down, sit in the shade of the trees, listen to the birds and take in life from a dog’s point of view.  I want a senior dog to have a home where he can live out his life and be loved and adored!"

Please consider fostering or adopting a senior .... we can promise you that a senior Golden will be the best friend you could ever hope for.

Please visit “Dog Availability” on our RAGofAZ website to check out our available “senior” Goldens who are just waiting for you.

Or give us a call at 602-404-9663 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you … you can make a difference in a “senior” dog's life!
Update: Thanks to our fabulous members, Buddy, Kirby and Decker have found their forever homes!