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The Story of Nine Goldens' Historic Journey to a Second Chance

These beautiful animals' journey began when people in China rescued them from deplorable living conditions and certain horrific death. The Goldens received an examination by veterinarians, Rabies, and other required vaccinations, spay or neuter, and health certificated required for travel. Then they were ready to find volunteers to fly with them to a second chance in the U.S.

With COVID-19 grounding all passenger flights from China to the U.S, rescued Golden Retrievers and other breeds are packed in shelters with an urgent cry for help from U.S. rescue organizations. Bob Wood, Director of Golden Rescue and International Rescue Coordinator, collaborated with another U.S. organization to rescue nineteen dogs, nine for RAGofAZ, and bring them to the U.S. via cargo plane.

RAGofAZ volunteers were ready to roll but remained apprehensive as the flight dates and times changed thrice. Finally, the transporters hit the road with a pick-up time of 3:30 AM. But wait! Another change! Now the arrival time changed to 6:30 PM the same evening. Everyone scrambled to get to LAX on time.

The dogs flew from Beijing, China to Taipei, Taiwan, to LAX, approximately 14 hours. Now, in the chilly night, nineteen dogs and many transporters waited for their release from Customs. RAGofAZ located their nine, verified names and microchip numbers, and loaded them in vehicles. The dogs spent countless hours confined in crates in a terrifying environment, but for their safety, they remained crated for the hour-long ride to the hotel.

Transporters met in the hotel parking lot at midnight and released the dogs from confinement. After their ordeal, the dogs surprisingly greeted the transporters with happy faces, wagging tails, wet kisses, and lots of excitement. It was time to retire to rooms for some chicken and rice, water, and for everyone to rest up for the next leg of their long journey.

The next morning, nine bushy-tailed dogs with transporters headed for Arizona and home, about nine hours on average. They rode well, making several pit stops along the way. By the end of the day, all dogs reached their destinations, met their new families, and spent their first night on U.S. soil in their new beds.

Rescuing nine dogs from a foreign country and getting them to Arizona was quite a feat for RAGofAZ. All teams played a vital role in before and after planning. It did take a village. The volunteers are ready to do it again to give Goldens a second chance to have a Golden life.

Follow the lives of these beautiful nine Goldens on the RAGofAZ website and social media as they settle in and discover love and well-being with their new families.

China international transporters group photo 2020


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Before they begin their journey to America, all international dogs are placed with pre-approved families.  If you want to be considered to adopt future dogs, international and domestic, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website, and someone will contact you.  If you are already approved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..