We are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with other rescue groups across the country in bringing Goldens to the US for rescue from Korea, China, Mexico, and Turkey!

In association with Goldens Without Borders (GWB) in Las Vegas, we are connected to rescue groups in Korea and China. In these countries, dog meat is considered a delicacy that is served in many restaurants, and dog meat farms breed dogs just for food. The rescues try to save as many dogs as possible and send them out of country to have a second chance at a better life.

“You can’t change a dog’s life, but you can rewrite their future.” goldenswithoutborders.org


Korea flagKorea: Yongin Pound Adoptions

Yongin Pound has an average of 7 abandoned animals checked into the pound every day. The pound faces a constant uphill battle due to a fundamental problem in South Korea. The supply of dogs exceeds demand. Most "shelters" in Korea are kill-shelters where animals are killed within 10 days of being found. Yongin Pound is one of the few shelters that does not euthanize. At this time they are caring for 100 dogs.

RAGofAZ is rescuing Yong and Jessica who will arrive from Korea on May 5th to begin a new life of love and security. Watch for their stories and pictures.

China flagChina: Bo Ai Animal Protection Center of Guangyuan

This organization is dedicated to rescuing dogs from meat farms and restaurants and ending the consumption of dogs and cats in China. “We believe the only way to stop the dog and cat meat trade is through education.” The volunteers talk to shoppers and hold animal welfare events to educate people on the health risk from eating dog meat and cruelty that occurs in the dog and cat meat trade. Currently, they have 900 dogs to rehome.

Mao Mao and Mao Nui are coming soon to begin a great new life. Watch for their stories and pictures.

Mexico flagMexico: Companions and Compassion

Dee Mystrik leads Companions and Compassion in Ajijic, Mexico, a small village 40 miles from Guadalajara, in changing the lives of many dogs in a depressed economic area. Puppies grow up and are turned loose to become “street” dogs.

Many dogs are killed as a means to control overpopulation. Dee arranges spay and neuter for stray dogs to decrease the killing. She has tirelessly been on an education mission to teach people how to care for animals, the importance of spay, neuter, and vaccinations, as well as encouraging dog owners to use leashes. She recently provided 250 free Rabies vaccinations. The efforts of these volunteers are slowly easing the plight of local animals. Due to the low socio-economic status in this region, it is difficult for this organization to do fund raising events and to get donations limiting their capabilities. 

Coming soon from Ajijic to RAGofAZ are Liah and Bruno. Watch for their stories and pictures.

In association with Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota, RAGofAZ has joined many other rescues nationwide in saving Turkish dogs. Once a sign of prominence, they are now abandoned. In the last few years, over 900 Golden Retrievers have been rescued and sent to various rescues throughout the US. www.ragom.org

Turkey flagTurkey:

Turkey has hundreds of street dogs that need to be rescued. Goldens do not fare well as street dogs because they must fight other dogs for meager food available, and fighting is not in their nature so many are malnourished and have many infected wounds. With the assistance of Golden Rescue of Minnesota, we are in the queue for our turn to find forever homes and families for those dogs.

As these soulful dogs arrive from various countries, we are reminded what RESCUE is all about. Follow them as their new lives unfold and they adjust to their new environment in future Golden Tales, our website, and Facebook page, and learn how you can help.