The contest begins on Sunday, March 28th and runs through 8 pm MST on Sunday, April 25th. There will be no elimination each week; all dogs remain in the contest until the final day. The winners are determined by the total votes received.

Here are some voting strategies:

1. Only dogs rescued through Rescue A Golden of Arizona, or dogs belonging to current members of RAGofAZ are eligible to be featured in the calendar. Furthermore, only a RAGofAZ-rescued dog can win the cover. If a dog not meeting those requirements makes it to the final 10, they will receive a $50.00 gift card from PetsMart and special mention in our newsletter and website.

2.  Keep in mind that the contest will heat up as the weeks go on.  Check your dog's voting progress often to see how they're doing. As the weeks pass, the voting will likely become more intense.  Bidding too conservatively could cost your dog that coveted featured calendar page opportunity!

3. It's easy to invite your friends and family to vote for your cute pup. Just send them this link, or share our email updates on Facebook (by clicking the blue Facebook icon in the upper right of the email) or by simply forwarding the contest update emails to your friends and family. They can help your dog win one of those coveted monthly pages!

We'll be updating the voting tally sheet as often as we can, and as the contest draws to an end, we'll be updating it more and more frequently. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for participating in our contest. We truly enjoy moderating this contest!

For your information: the moderators personally count all the votes and posts all as soon as possible. Accurate records are kept of all votes cast with receipts of who votes, when they voted and how many votes are cast. Those receipts do not contain any credit card information. All transactions are handled by PayPal and are industry standard secure. Neither the moderators nor any immediate family members have any dogs entered into the contest. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the care of RAGofAZ Golden Retrievers.

Please don’t wait until the last minute of the contest to vote. No votes submitted after 8 pm on the last day of the contest will be counted. Technical difficulties with the internet or your web browser or the web server that hosts the contest are beyond the control of RAGofAZ.

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