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meet bruni

Bruni is 4-years-old and was housed with over 80 other dogs.
He is a bit shy but warms up with people once he gets to know them.

meet samantha

Samantha is 4-years-old and was saved from the streets. After she was rescued, she managed to escape and was loose for another month or so. Her right shoulder appears to have been dislocated many years ago and has healed, so she can still run and jump on it. She is very loveable and a fast learner.

meet guera

Guera was pregnant, but all of her pups were born sick and died because her owner threw her out on the street. Now she is a nice dog, and she overcame her loss. She gets along with dogs and cats and especially puppies. She is playful and sweet.

meet yoli

Yoli is 6-years-old and is a very sweet lady.  She is educated, obedient, and calm.  When she was rescued from the streets, she was malnourished, anemic and dehydrated.
Now she is in a very good condition and healthy.




For twenty years, RAGofAZ has been rescuing lost, abandoned, and displaced Golden Retrievers from our own communities here in Arizona. Now the call for rescue comes from across the ocean in China and South Korea, and from our neighbor to the south, Mexico. In partnership with dedicated international rescue organizations, RAGofAZ has saved dozens of Goldens who had been wandering the streets in search of food, and running in fear from abusers or certain death. We refuse to sit by and do nothing while these precious animals wait helplessly for rescue and reprieve. We fly these dogs to America where they receive medical care, life-saving surgery, nutritious food, and the warmth and love of a forever home at a cost of between $1,000 and $4,000.

Our work must continue. Will you help save the life of a desperate Golden Retriever by donating today? Any amount is deeply appreciated. Because hunger, illness, and despair know no language, no culture, and no boundary.

Please note: Your donation goes to the organization, not just to the dog you selected or to international dogs specifically.  All donations go into a central fund to help all dogs.

Before they begin their journey to America, all international dogs are placed with pre-approved families.  If you want to be considered to adopt future dogs, international and domestic, please submit an Application to Foster/Adopt found on the website, and someone will contact you.  If you are already approved, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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