Don't miss the excitement watching our new dogs fly to America.  Go to, type in the flight number, and send them good vibes as they fly across the expansive Pacific Ocean to a new life.

Cola KoreaCola: Arrives Wednesday, April 11th at 9:50 AM (Arizona time)
Asiana Airlines Flight OZ0202
Departing Inchon, Seoul 2:40 PM Wednesday Korea time (Tuesday, April 10th, 10:40 PM Arizona time)
Arrives LAX 9:50 AM PDT Wednesday





Riley 18 012Riley:Arrives Saturday, April 14th at 9:23 AM (Arizona time)
Korean Air KE017
Departs Incheon, Seoul at 2:30 PM Korea time on Saturday (Friday, April 13 10:30 PM Arizona time)Arrives LAX 9:23 AM PDT Saturday











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The Life of Riley: A Story


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Have you ever heard the term, “she’s living the Life of Riley?” Well, my name is Riley and I am happy to say that after two years of darkness and sadness, I’m finally living that life. “What?” you say; “How?”

Let me begin at the beginning. . .

I’m from a long, long way away (I think someone said it was a place called Korea), The first couple of years of my life are a blur and I’ve done my best to forget what they were like because they were unhappy times for me. I was saved by some extraordinary people from a rescue where I was given love, food, a clean bed, and much-needed medical care.

One day my rescue friends put me in a crate and took me to a place that had HUGE birds - I think they’re called airplanes. I traveled for a long, noisy time, tucked away in the darkness in the belly of that big bird. I was SO afraid, but somehow I felt protected by the spirits and positive thoughts of many people who were watching my journey.

When the bird finally stopped flying, someone lifted me out, put me on a cart, and wheeled me to a strange place that I’d never seen before. Where was I and when would they let me out of this darn crate???

My questions were soon answered when two angels from RAGofAZ greeted me with hugs and smiles. They could see that I was shaking, but their calm voices and tender pets helped to put me at ease. Just when I thought they were finally going to let me out of the crate, they put me in a car and drove me to another airport where some very nice people awaiting my arrival.
And guess, what - - - they finally let me out of the crate!! I was finally free! I’m sure that my new friends could see my smile with relief to be on solid ground and not in that crate.

After a very short time in a smaller bird (not in the crate - - - thank goodness!) we arrived at a place where I was welcomed by smiling, happy people from RAGofAZ; they seemed so happy to see me!

My journey wasn’t over yet. After a few days with a foster where I could acclimate to my surroundings, meet two nice Golden boys, and receive medical care from a very nice vet, I traveled to my forever home. My new home is in the quiet, beautiful desert and my new family is the best. I can tell by their voices and hugs that they love me already. And the best news yet is that I have a new brother named Cash. I know that we’re going to be best friends.

My life of Riley is just beginning, thanks to all of the volunteers at RAGofAZ; I have a second chance at life. Sending woofs, tail wags, and wet kisses to you all.

Love, Riley (who’s living the life. . .)


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