Ginger s Ripley L Rufus NKA Oliver RGinger puppiesToday we’d like to share the story of a Golden we have been familiar with for several years and were finally able to bring into rescue a couple of months ago.

Many of you may remember the “Parvo puppies” who came to us in the Fall of 2014. Well, recently we got a call from that same breeder who had another serious situation on their hands involving Ginger, the mother of those “Parvo pups.” She’d had another litter and many of the new puppies had died, but three survived. The breeder decided to turn them into rescue. The transport volunteer had been involved with the Parvo puppies and quickly went to pick these new three up. Ginger, the mom, was ready to travel as long as she knew her pups were coming with her. The puppies were eight days old and still had their eyes closed.

The transporters named them Rosie, Ripley and Rufus and moved them quickly to the emergency vet. Rosie was almost immediately moved to the ICU as she was in such distress. Unfortunately, and despite the best efforts of the vets, Rosie barely made it through the night. Ripley, Rufus and Ginger were moved to their new foster home in Prescott. Ginger, an experienced mom, took really good care of the boys.

The boys, now two months old, were weaned and available for adoption. Eight year old Ginger, now finished with her mothering duties forever, is now an only dog loved on by Marilyn and David in Phoenix. Rufus, now Oliver, is also living in Phoenix with Arty and Denise and their family. Oliver now has a big sister Nala to teach him the ropes. Our little Ripley has been blind since birth as his retinas did not develop. RAGofAZ began a search for the right home for Ripley—one that would allow him to live his life fully despite his vision issue—but we did not have to look far. Robin and Toby, the foster family who took such good care of Ginger and her babies, have decided to be that family for Ripley. Ripley will have plenty of canine companionship and will learn to hike just like any other dog. Thanks to the support of our members and donors, RAGofAZ is able to react quickly to rescue dogs in need like these.

Ginger1parvo pup 2014While it’s easy to speak negatively about the breeder, we are so very happy that they knew they could call us and we would help them make the situation right (or as right as it could be at that time). Many breeders hesitate to call a rescue for fear of being judged. We won’t judge, we will rescue, educate and hope to make an impact that will help the breeder make different decisions in the future.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Ginger and all of her kids who came into rescue and found their way to fantastic forever homes. A success story in the making for a long time! We can’t do any of this without your continued support financially and from all of our volunteers.

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 Update July 20, 2019 

We at RAGofAZ are so sorry to report that sweet Ginger has passed over the rainbow bridge. She had a previously undiagnosed condition that resulted in internal bleeding. Despite our vet's best efforts, she couldn't be saved. Ginger is now at the bridge with her puppies that passed before her, but she leaves Ripley and Rufus/Oliver as her legacy and will forever live on in our hearts.


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