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We are delighted to announce that when our “special” boy Chris (now named Oliver) wished upon a star for a forever family… his wish came true! Oliver found a perfect family to call his own.

Thank you to all of our RAGofAZ supporters for your good thoughts and prayers for Oliver… he is “home”.

Oliver caught our attention while my husband and I were at breakfast and looking over Facebooks posts. He knows my soft spot for Goldens and Oliver's story was no different; how could we say no to that face! Oliver has a congenital heart defect that results in fainting spells when he gets excited or plays too hard, which as a Golden puppy is par for the course with him. Someone just forgot to tell him there was something wrong with him, it certainly doesn't slow him down.

Chris now Oliver5Chris now Oliver3Chris now Oliver4He loves playing tug and keep away with our other two Goldens, Hunter and Polar. He would chase the ball all day if you let him. He spends the rest of his time being my shadow, counter surfing (which were working on), napping, chasing the vacuum and walks. He has recently discovered the water hose and attacking the water has become a favorite! We couldn't be more thrilled to have him and he fits right in; it's as if he had always been a part of our family. We will take him for whatever amount of time he has and cherish it; he's an excellent reminder that nothing is promised and to take advantage of all you can. We love him and thank everyone for their assistance and allowing us to make him part of our family!Chris now Oliver1

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