We can not explain how thrilled we are to have our new family member "Steve." We love him dearly. It is just like he knows who we are and has melted my husband Bob's heart. It is a match that is so hard to explain.

When we walk for instance, Bob has a scooter. He walks on his harness and leash with me and along Bob's side as we go. He looks back to be sure I am still Steve 15 012cthere and keeps walking. It is a hoot to see the two of them. He melts the hearts along the way and we just chuckle knowing he has us as his new family.
We do not know how to express our deepest appreciation to all of you to have helped us with this process. Please know it is a HUGE blessing and we are forever grateful. We will be in touch often and be sure to let you know of our milestones as we go. So far EVERYTHING is perfect in every aspect and know it will not end.

The happiest new parents in the world!
Bob & Kay


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