Oldest Golden: Lola

13 Oldest Lola 280

HI THERE, WANNA PLAY?!?! That’s how Lola (Toffee) greets everyone and that’s how she greeted us the very first time we met her back in September of 2007.

Lola came to Arizona with a group of other Goldens from Oklahoma, looking for a fresh start and we were looking for a confident girl to help our other RAGofAZ rescue, Coop (Sedona) come out of his shell.

She was definitely up for the job, she taught our boy everything he needed to know and then some!

Lola has been a wonderful addition to our family. She endears herself to everyone she meets with her effervescent personality and she is always up for a game of fetch and a swim - even better when she can do both at the same time!  She is strong willed and powers through any potential setback like Valley Fever and a ruptured ACL, coming back stronger than before.

We have learned patience and an appreciation for the small moments from her. Lola turns 15 this year and we cherish every day we continue to have with her as part of our family.


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