August: Barkley

08 August Barkley 280

As long-time Suns fans, we named Barkley after Sir Charles and fondly refer to him as “Bark!” 

Over the past 30 years, Barkley is the second of our three golden retrievers. And, like our first golden, Barkley is a rescue dog. Thanks to RAGofAZ he came into our life in August of 2009.

 While we had no real understanding of his background, it was pretty apparent from the first day that Barkley had been well cared for. He was loving and very well trained. He also has the innate ability to understand what we are thinking.

Barkley is a living example of the saying; “we don’t rescue a pet, the pet rescues us.” From the day that we brought him home, Bark has gone everywhere with us; from family trips and dining out, to the smallest of errands. His favorite activity may actually be going on golf cart rides and sitting shotgun. He will do anything to be by our side, and we will do anything to have him by ours.

At 13.5 years old, Barkley is settling into the elder statesman role, providing a great example for our golden puppy. Barkley is the consummate gentleman and such an important part of our family. We didn’t know what we were missing before he came into our lives and we are beyond grateful that RAG of AZ blessed us with him.


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