June: Tripp

06 June Tripp 280

Shortly after Tripp’s mother and her litter were surrendered to Rescue a Golden of Arizona, they came to the veterinary hospital I work for. Tripp plopped right next to me and rolledover for a belly rub. I instantly fell in love. The mother and pups were brought in for concerns of a possible neurological disorder.

As it turns out,though, momma and her pups have congenital eye issues and they are visually impaired.

It’s been a rough start for them. Tripp and his siblings also became ill with Parvo. They were very sick and hospitalized for 5 days. They are fighters!

Aside from it taking a while to put on weight, you wouldn’t know he had been sick. Not being able to see well doesn’t seem to bother him either. He loves wrestling with his housemates, Willow and Wyatt.

He also loves nothing more than pigging out at mealtimes, carrying around any socks he finds lying on the floor, bellyrubs, nap time and swimming.  He has such a sweet, docile temperament and has been the perfect addition to our family.

We are grateful for Rescue a Golden of Arizona!


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