April: Sedona

04 April Sedona 280

Sweet Sunny was my first RAG of AZ Golden and she was a Therapy Dog at the VAMC.  When Sunny died of cancer of the spine, Anne Marie Hoff, our Animal Communicator, promised that Sunny would come back to me. 

Seventeen months later, Sedona, age 17 months, was rescued from a back-yard breeding situation.  She was born the same month that Sweet Sunny went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I spokewith Anne Marie, reminding her of her promise that Sweet Sunny would come back to me.  Anne Marie said “She has”.

My Sedona is “Sweet Sunny Reincarnated”, with the same loving Golden personality and disposition.  Sedona is also a Therapy Dog, registered with Therapy Dogs International and AKC Therapy.  Shealso has her AKC Canine Good Citizenship award.  She has visited the same two Nursing Homes for overten years, and everyone knows and loves Sedona.  When not working Sedona enjoys walks, her frizbee,and “Pup Cups” from Starbucks. Sedona is the perfect Golden, with no faults, and withouta doubt the “Love of my Life”.


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