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Introducing our 2021 Calendar Cover Dog


00 Calendar 2021 Cover Front Quincy

Quincy came to our family in November 2017.  We had just lost 2 of our Golden boys, Sherman, at 16, passed away in July 2017 and then Barkley passed unexpectedly in September 2017, at 11 years old.  Our remaining Golden, Reagan, was lonely and needed a friend. When Quincy came into rescue just 7 weeks after having lost Barkley, we thought this was a perfect fit.  Quincy was described as a playful dog who liked swimming.

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January: Shiloh

01 January Shiloh 280

In early November 2019 Shiloh arrived from Mexico. He had been found, abandoned in an old brick factory. Shiloh had a fracture injury to his right front paw, infection had set in and so the lower portion of his right front leg had to be amputated.

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February: Sophie

02 February Sophie 280

By a miraculous twist of fate, my destiny changed from breeder of puppies to RAGofAZ calendar girl. WHEW! How’s that for a miracle? Now life is such fun. Who knew?

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March: Rosie

03 March Rosie 280

Rosie was rescued from Turkey where she was kept in a cage and was used as a breeding dog. When she arrived in the US she was skin and bones. She was taken to her initial vet appointment at Crossroads Veterinary Hospital, where the vet told us that she had multiple litters of puppies and was approximately two years old.

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April: Sedona

04 April Sedona 280

Sweet Sunny was my first RAG of AZ Golden and she was a Therapy Dog at the VAMC.  When Sunny died of cancer of the spine, Anne Marie Hoff, our Animal Communicator, promised that Sunny would come back to me. 

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May: McCain

05 May McCain 280

McCain is named for our late Arizona Senator and war hero, John S. McCain. He loves people, other dogs, cats, tennis balls, crinkly plastic bottles, and stuffed toys.

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June: Tripp

06 June Tripp 280

Shortly after Tripp’s mother and her litter were surrendered to Rescue a Golden of Arizona, they came to the veterinary hospital I work for. Tripp plopped right next to me and rolledover for a belly rub. I instantly fell in love. The mother and pups were brought in for concerns of a possible neurological disorder.

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July: Sunny

07 July Sunny 280

We adopted Sunny June of 2019, following the loss of our 6 year old Golden Retriever, Dodger Blue Boy, to brain cancer. At the time, we had our senior Golden, Shelby and felt she may like a companion.

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August: Barkley

08 August Barkley 280

As long-time Suns fans, we named Barkley after Sir Charles and fondly refer to him as “Bark!” 

Over the past 30 years, Barkley is the second of our three golden retrievers. And, like our first golden, Barkley is a rescue dog. Thanks to RAGofAZ he came into our life in August of 2009.

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September: Abby

09 September Abby 280

Meet the Abbster! Abby is an eight year old rescue, a sweet Golden mixed with Border Collie. She’s my “wild child.” A retriever and a herder. And small at 39 pounds.

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October: Buddy

10 October Buddy 280

This is Buddy B Dawg! We got Buddy at 6 months old from northern Arizona. He had only been around other dogs and the breeder. So bringing him home we had a lot of work to do on socializing. He was very shy around people. 

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November: Isabella

11 November Isabella 280

On September 10, 2008, I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona along with my sister and seven brothers and, shortly thereafter, we were all surrendered to RAGofAZ.

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December: Ripley

12 December Ripley 280

Ripley was born on May 6, 2019. Ripley and his big brother Ollie were the only survivors from a litter of ten pups. Toby and I had the pleasure of fostering Mom, Ginger and her two boys. Ginger was a loving mom and gave her all to her boys! It didn’t take long before we realized Ripley was born blind and also had some neurological issues.

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Oldest Golden: Lola

13 Oldest Lola 280

HI THERE, WANNA PLAY?!?! That’s how Lola (Toffee) greets everyone and that’s how she greeted us the very first time we met her back in September of 2007.

Lola came to Arizona with a group of other Goldens from Oklahoma, looking for a fresh start and we were looking for a confident girl to help our other RAGofAZ rescue, Coop (Sedona) come out of his shell.

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Oldest Golden: Honey

14 Oldest Honey 280

Honey came to us as Sasha at 2 years old. She'll be 15 in October. She had been adopted out twice and returned before we got her.

She had separation anxiety and chewed through 2 door casings, chewed door knobs etc.

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