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I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and I lived there until I was three years old.  My home life was pretty tough, but all of that changed when a nice person from RAGofAZ rescued me.

Extra Melbourne Sydney3721 resizedExtra2 Melbourne3696 resizedIn July of 2017, I and four other rescued Goldens were flown to Phoenix.  When the Transport Team took me to my new home, I was so excited I could barely control myself.  I ran through the house and gave my new Mom and Dad several hugs and kisses.  My Mom said I looked really skinny, so she makes sure I get plenty to eat.  She calls me the happiest dog that she has ever seen. 

My Dad takes me for walks every morning and evening.  Boy, I love going on my walks and trying to chase the bunnies in the neighborhood.  Also, I was happy to find out that I had a new sister, an Australian cattle dog named Sydney.  Within a week we became best buddies.  Sydney and I have daily wrestling matches and we take turns chasing each other around our big back yard. 

I guess my Mom is right, thanks to RAGofAZ, I am the happiest dog ever! 


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