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Espy (Esperanza Jane) was adopted from RAGofAZ in August of 2017. While she is good with other dogs, she absolutely loves people and attention. She greets every visitor with a smile and then rolls onto her back to get her belly rubbed.

EspyExtra resizedEspy Extra2 resizedShe’s at her happiest when she knows she’s going for a walk or better yet, a car ride. She loves sticking her head out the window and having the breeze in her face.

She has become quite the runner since her rescue, as she runs through the neighborhoods of Glendale on a 3 to 5 mile run, knowing there’s a treat for her at the end.

One can always find a missing shoe in her bed as she loves the security of having the human connection close to her while she sleeps.

An avid follower of the Buffalo Bills, she loves watching the games in her Bills jersey, rejoicing both in the game itself, but also the attention she receives. Espy is a beautiful dog both inside and out and is loved by all those who come in contact with her.


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