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Bella was rescued from a backyard breeder with numerous medical issues from having too many litters. Most alarming was a diagnosis of Valley Fever with an astounding titer of 1:256, a number that should have put Bella in a coma at best.

Our vet immediately began treating her with Fluconazole and ordered quiet and “bedrest.” Bella was not cooperative. She was observed jumping over lawn furniture while chasing bunnies and showing no signs of being sick. We were further flummoxed when her chest x-ray returned “pristine” . . . inexplicable since the lungs are the primary site of infection. Despite standard treatment, Bella’s titer remained high so she was brought to a specialist for infusion therapy with IV drugs. Thankfully, her titer dropped to 1:32 and she appears to feel great.

Bella2904 small resizedBella2963 small resizedBella now lives with a loving new family and her Golden sister, Kona. She wants you to know that all dogs should be tested for VF annually. Treatment is easy except for girls like Bella who prefer to write their own rules.


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