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I had just moved into my Phoenix home in 2006, and wanted to adopt a Golden. I checked   RAGofAZ’s web site and there he was. It was love at first sight for this gorgeous “two year old male” named Blu, rescued from the Prescott Animal Shelter.

small Blu 3157 resized001 Blu 500Our fostering period revealed problems from his prior treatment, as Blu would cower for hours under my dining table and could not travel by car for more than five minutes without vomiting.

We began a program of 3-block trips to a local park for extended and joyful retrieving sessions. Blu is now a very relaxed if not bored back seat driver. At fourteen years, Blu is active and alert. He welcomes his daily massages, often flopping to remind me. He has a choice of couches and rugs for resting; given his large size and bountiful hair, he happily ignores my higher bed. His only visit was shortly after my return from knee replacement while resting in a weakened state. As the home visit nurses approached my bed, syringe in hand, Blu leapt up, straddling my body and making clear any menacing invaders would have to go through him.

Blu is a fun, loyal and generous companion. I am so very grateful to RAGofAZ for enabling.



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