Golden Oldie: Zoey

14 Zoey Oldest 280

Zoey is a smart, loving, loyal companion who has completely captured our hearts!  We met her at age 8 at which time she needed a great deal of medical attention. 

Through expert veterinary care, she survived cancer. 

In her early years with us, she and her sister Red would swim with us in the pool, fetch, and play.  She is a true Golden and always willing to let her human sister dress her up or let mom put a party hat on her for another photo shoot.   She has been a cover girl on our community magazine, alongside her sister Red. 

As a member of our family, she comes on vacations with us to the mountains and to the beach.  This year we took her to San Diego and she truly smiled and enjoyed herself.  At age 14½ she walks slower, sleeps longer and snores like never before!  She knows our schedules and has us trained quite well!  She enjoys her “yums” and receiving love indiscriminately.  Somehow, she loves us more and more each day.

In her old age, she loves to rest on her spot on the couch where she can keep her eyes on us.  If we leave the room, she likes to follow.  Although hard to get up these days, she loves to be with her people. Zoey lives for pleasing and loving her people.  Showered with love and affection, she is a happy girl and we are so blessed to have her all these years.



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