Golden Oldies: Duo & Koso

13 Oldest Duey Koso 280

Duo & Koso, born 10/25/04,  were rescued from a Kosovo dog shelter in late 2006 by Stephanie Harding, a police officer working for the United Nations.

These two littermate English Cream Goldens were transported by her to the US so they might have a good home. A large RAGofAZ contingent met them at Sky Harbor airport with many local news stations on hand to record this historic international rescue. Stephanie's description of the scant resources for dog shelters in Kosovo led to many donations from RAGofAZ members and the public. She returned with enough money to improve the shelter and pay for some veterinary fees.

This beautiful male and female pair had suffered some abuse in their home country.  However, after medical evaluation with Dr Katie Donahue, the pair were adopted by fosters Cindy & Gary in Feb 2007 and were well on their way to becoming happy Goldens!

Today, the siblings remain completely emotionally bonded. Duey is the Queen with Koso, her doting Knight. They take a morning stroll around the block to visit their favorite sniffing places and are often found sleeping next to each other. They are still first class beggars who will follow their noses to anyone who has food.

Both dogs have been included in a study at UC Davis Veterinary School for their longevity in the hope that other Goldens might live longer, healthier lives. We have been so blessed to have these two in our family.  Thank you, RAGofAZ.



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