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07 July Mac 280

Hi, my name is Macushla pronounced Ma Cush La, but just call me Mac. It means “my heart” in Irish.

People tell me I was born in Turkey but I'm not sure.

  I lived with a family for a while and then I didn’t.  I'm not sure why but one day I was on the streets. It was scary!  There were lots of other dogs out there too but only some were friendly. Eventually, I learned how to survive.  

Then some very nice people found me and took me back inside to a shelter. I had food and water, a nice place to sleep and people who took care of me. They gave me a bath and different medicines to make me healthy again.

Next thing I know, I’m on an airplane (whatever that is!) for a very long ride.  I had to stay in a crate but

there was another dog with me so I wasn't too scared.  After many hours I met more nice people who took me to my FOREVER family.

I now live in a house with two humans and two other dogs.  I have lots of soft beds(plus couches) to lay on, I get really good food and get lots of treats. I'm told I will learn how to swim soon. I love it here!



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