March: Gabby

03 Mar Gabby 280

Lovable, Low Key, Protective, Happy, a smile on her face, and still a Mom -- My Gabby.

After being given six months to live, my now seven- year-old GABBY is my best special needs friend who was almost 4 when I adopted her.

Gab is low energy, sleeps about fifteen hours a day, struggles to breathe at times, and anxiety and tiredness bring on reverse breathing. 

With all this, happy Gabby is here for me with a non-stop wagging tail and one of her soft toys in her

mouth.  She pumps me up when I am down, talks to me, hates water, loves to ride in the car, loves people and loves other friendly dogs,  and she cries when she cannot find me.    

Gabby is always happy to come home to her toys and to her happy place.  Every day, one by one, she takes about six toys from her rug to the outside for fresh air; every night I help her bring the toys back into the house onto her rug. 

You see, Gabby never got over being a three-year breeder.  She garners attention of adults and children;  her tail wags nonstop for everyone.  She is blessed to be a natural emotional support girl and Mom.



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