February: Sophia

02 Feb Sophia 280

Sophia’s bio dubbed her a “wild child”!  Abby is my original wild child.  A seven year old Border Collie/Golden mix; also a rescue.  What could I do but ask for this pup to complete my home.

Sophia is the first puppy I've had in 30 years!  And yes, I got razzed!  But February, being the month of love, lets me tell you about what a sweetheart she is.  And now I'm jazzed!

We're working on those puppy quirks.  I'm finding her “mostly” obedient.  She's willing and eager to please.  “Leave it!“ is our favorite command!  She's gentle and charming and funny.  She and Abby are best buds and she’s a favorite around town.  She's quiet and seldom barks; I'm puzzled as to how she got her moniker as a “wild” one.

She's losing her soft fluffy curls, which is how she got her name, Sophia.  There's a cartoon princess with soft brown curls, says my grandson.  She dances with my other grandson who’s five. They're quite pleased to have another pup close by. 

She rests on my feet or snoozes near me.  She follows me everywhere.  I have to watch my step or we might be tumbling.  She puts her toys away at night, though she'll destroy a soft one in under ten seconds!  She loves tomatoes and will sit in front of the pantry in hopes of getting a treat … or four!  She is teaching me patience!

This puppy - the goofball.   She's a joy - my Sophia.  She's a Golden!!



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