10October Walter 280WALTER

People say I’m a VIP. I’m not sure why, or what that means, because my name is Walter, aka Sir Walter of Scottsdale. I’ve heard lots of other things: Loving, friendly, gentle, and old soul. Expressive eyes, too. Oh, and my favorite – big paws! I was rescued by RAGofAZ and went to my forever home in Scottsdale where I got new friends, Lilly, Teddy, Beau and Bailey.

WalterinGrass resized xWalterMouthOpen resized xNow, I get lots of brushing and massages, taco nights next door with Lilly, and spend mornings at Starbucks for puppacinos. Rabbits, birds, and cats are all around here and they look delicious; I think I was a hunter before I came here. I love people watching at our local steak house patio. They even gave me a bowl with my name on it! I bark for breakfast, for walks, and for bedtime. Just to be sure it’s not a dream, I nudge the side of bed in the middle of night to make sure my family is there and always get reassurance of our new pack…right by mom and dad’s side. It’s a Golden life now with chin scratches aplenty, watching mom cook, and watching hockey with dad. Turns out that being a VIP is the best thing that ever happened!