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Here is my story... I first came to Rescue a Golden as a lost pup wandering in Goodyear, AZ. A nice lady took me home and posted fliers to try and find my family. Guess I was meant to go to a different family as some wonderful folks from RAGofAZ came to rescue me and help me find my new forever home.

SadieBackyard resized rSadieToy resized croppedThey called me “Pretty Girl” which was nice, but I was kind of in a sad state at the time. I had given birth to some pups, lost all the hair on my tail, and my eyes were dull and sad. A quick trip to the vet uncovered thyroid disease and with corrective medication I started to perk up. Soon my new mom came to see me and decided to call me Sadie. Mom says it was love at first sight; to her I was the “Prettiest Girl” in the world. My life is super now. I love to go on daily walks, run around the pool, and watch TV for hours with my pink pig toy in tow. Now my tail is full of feathers, my eyes are bright, and I am grateful to RAGofAZ for helping me find the best new forever home ever!!!


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