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Gabby lived in a birthing cage for over three years and came into rescue in January 2016 as a special needs gal—a yeast infection, female issues, fleas, Ichthyosis, Giardia, and no current shots. She never walked on a leash, chewed a bone, or played with
a toy or ball, and was afraid to be alone.

Gabby today is a happy 5-year-old gal who cares and treats her small stuffed animals as her puppies. Every day she takes her stuffed animals one by one outside into the sunshine, and in the evening she brings them all back inside to her rug. 

GabbyToys resizedGabbyToys2 resizedHer tail wags in happiness; she is a friend to our neighbors, to their dogs, and brings smiles to everyone she greets. She loves to go for walks—taking her bear with her, loves car rides, and sits on the back seat like a small person looking out the window. Gabby is low key, needs a great deal of sleep, and needs a special diet to aid in digesting her food. Gabby has filled the “Golden emptiness” in our lives.


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