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My name is Jasper and I’m forever grateful to RAGofAZ. I was found by Pinal County Animal Control wandering in the desert with a pack of dogs. RAGofAZ came and rescued me. It was hard at my foster’s home. I’d never been in a car or a house, and the sound of the refrigerator scared me.

JasperLake2 resized rBut my foster Dad bought me my own blanket and helped me to relax.

JasperatLake resized r

When RAGofAZ called and said they had a forever home for me, I didn’t know what to expect. Dad and Mom seemed okay. They named me Jasper, because Mom said that my golden eyes reminded her of the gemstone yellow jasper that is found in the desert. We’re both gems found in the desert!

But then I met Lucy! (You’ll meet Lucy later in June) We hit it off right from the start. Lucy taught me so much, like don’t chew the sofa cushions and that we get to sleep on our own beds. Now I have two beds so that I always have someplace soft to sleep. I also have my bestie, Lucy. Thanks, RAGofAZ!


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