12December Holly 280 HOLLY came to live with us in May of 2015. She is December’s Christmas Angel whose life as a puppy was doomed until she met the caring people at RAGofAZ.

Their all-volunteer team jumped into action and through fundraising events and donations raised the necessary money to pay for Holly’s surgeries and veterinary care. It’s a miracle that this little angel became part of our family—a happy home with loving owners.

Holly cactus2 500Our precious Holly was born with Megaesophagus, which kept her from being able to eat and digest food. After she received her desperately needed surgery and veterinary care, she needed to be fed small amounts of food, six times a day (all while sitting on my lap in an upright position). For us, it was truly a labor of love to help her. She pulled at our heartstrings.

While she is part of our entire family, Holly and Bill are almost inseparable. She’s always at his side—whether he’s napping, eating, or walking. She loves to cuddle.

Holly toy onback 500When Holly is not hanging out with Bill, she takes toys out of her toy box one by one, then returns them one by one to the toy box. She is our very special Angel all year long.


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