11November Jackson 280 JACKSON 
When we lost our first Golden of 12 years in 2008, we knew that there would be more Golden dogs in our life. We contacted RAGofAZ about the rescue process,

telling them that we wanted an older “puppy” and maybe 2, definitely female.

Jackson 1 500In July of 2009, we were contacted by a volunteer about a couple of puppies she was fostering, 2 six-week old, male pups.

Several weeks later we were the proud parents of 2 rambunctious Golden pups. Jackson and his brother, Harley, re-introduced us to the joys of puppy parenting: eating Christmas ornaments, chewing holes in Oriental rugs, and tearing up any newspapers and magazines that were within puppy-reach.

Jackson 4 500Jackson has been a part of our lives for 7 years. We lost his brother 2 years ago and were worried that Jackson would be lonely. Jackson, however, thrived on all the attention he received being an only-dog. He 

loves to go on walks and chase the lizards. His absolute favorite thing in the world is playing “snowball.” This consists of Jackson romping through the snow while someone throws snowballs his way, for hours on end! Life is better with a Golden in it, and we are thankful every day that Jackson is in our lives!


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