10October JayceGus 280 JAYCE is the best big brother that GUS could have!

Jayce arrived in rescue in 2008 from a sister rescue in Oklahoma at 10 months of age.

Jayce Gus 1 500He lived with his sister Golden until 2014 when the tornado known as Gus arrived as a young puppy. Gus is one of five puppies who came into rescue with the parvovirus--all the pups were lucky to survive. Jayce showed Gus the ropes when he joined our family and now they are inseparable. They both love to play ball, with Gus being totally ball obsessed. Jayce is a pool diving expert while Gus still has not decided whether swimming is right for him or not.

Jayce Gus 2 500We feel so very lucky to have both boys in our lives.


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