09September Chloe 280 CHLOE
I‘ve been ‘collecting’ Golden Retrievers for about 30 years, often in pairs, and always a senior, since I’ve been adopting with RAGofAZ.

These Golden oldies are sweet, affectionate and usually well trained.

Chloe laying down hat 500My 3G (gorgeous golden gal) Chloe is no exception. We walk daily (great exercise) and the neighborhood kids gravitate to her to share hugs, sloppy kisses and secrets too, I’m sure! Her wagging tail is non-stop and her laughing expression allows them to feel comfortable in approaching her.

Chloe has an abundance of heart and it reflects her true Golden style.

I was told she’s too young to be in the ‘oldest Golden’ category.... Yay! May she be my companion for many more years, as she follows me from room to room, we do ‘meet and greets’ at the mall or just meander down our street.

Goggles Chloe 500My Chloe, my Love.


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