04April Steve 280 STEVE “the Wonder-Dog”

He is a wonder indeed! With the severities of our family going on, Steve seemed to fit into every aspect of our daily life in so many ways. He has a way of melting the hearts of everyone he meets.

Steve head shot 500Most likely you are asking why is it so?

We make our daily one mile walks every morning and evening. Bob, my husband and I are very quiet neighbors and generally fly under the radar so to speak. Well, Steve has many neighborhood friends and leaves “cookies” in the mailbox for his friends as we go. He also remembers the holidays and makes sure we tie a ribbon on them when it is a special time. He even has a black and white cat friend named “Bootsie” that watches for him every day and vice versa.

Steve’s tribute from Kay:

Steve therapy 500Hi our Steve Friends and Family;

Steve in grass 500Our Steve the Wonder Dog was more than a dog. You see, he had the world in his paw. He was the ambassador for two schools for the children, and was a National trained dog for the VA State Veterans Home at Steele Park. They cried to see him because we know that there are few visits. We visited twice a month. Especially the holidays. Dressed up of course. He would dress up for the kids and they loved that too. On top of it all, he had saved his Dad's life twice. Once in June from heart failure alerting me something was wrong he led me to my husband's bedside. On Feb. 2nd he alerted me as he was in full kidney failure. Now a dialysis patient three times a week. If it were not for Steve, I would not have my husband. Valley Fever matatazied in his brain and took him in less than a week. This loss is beyond words of hurt and a broken heart. The joy of watching Steve is only in memory. We are devastated more than anyone could imagine. Our Wonder Dog is part of our life that will always remain.


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