03March Goldilocks 280 GOLDIELOCKS began her journey to RAGofAZ as a stray in a Flagstaff shelter where she was claimed by the owner of Highland Puppy Rescue, who named her “Goldie” and contacted RAGofAZ.

 Goldie, about 2 years old, was one very sick little girl.

Goldielocks 2 500Having recently had puppies she was undernourished, had tick fever, dual ear infections and a skin condition. Arriving here at her foster home exhausted, all she wanted to do was sleep. My heart was immediately captured by her gentle, sweet and loving disposition despite all that she was going through. Recovering with medication, Goldie’s puppy personality came alive and I fell in love with this amazing girl! I became a “foster failure” and Goldie officially became Goldielocks, the little lost girl who had found her forever home.

Goldielocks 3 500I am so blessed by Goldielocks and thankful for all the RAGofAZ volunteers who assisted her journey to her forever home!

Goldielocks loves the outdoors and enjoys daily long walks, hikes and trips to the arboretum. Her backyard faces open desert and she spends hours stalking the quail, rabbits, and occasional javelina, from her side of the fence.


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