01January Kody 280 KODY was born in November of 1999 and came to live with us in June of 2009. Fortunately we had just retired so were able to devote our full and well-deserved attention to Kody.

Kody loves to be with his people. He is a wonderful adaptable traveler who has accompanied us on many trips all over the Western US.

Kody 500Kody loves his animal family, too, which currently includes Maddy (a rescued Labrador Retriever we adopted in 2011) and two kitties named Mitzi and Bogie. Kody has been a invaluable mentor and friend to Maddy who was used as a puppy mill breeder and had never previously lived in a real home. These two older dogs have bonded and become inseparable.

Kody is an extremelyintelligent boy. For example: He loves toys that look and sound like cows. One day Kody completely emptied the large basket of its many dozen toys. He then sorted through them and placed all the cows in a separate pile of their own and lay down next to his little herd of bovine friends.

Waterfall Kody750Kody loves people and is a bit of a show-off when company comes. He will disappear into our bedroom and retrieve his bed dragging it down the long hall to the living room. Then if our guests don't pay enough attention to him Kody will disappear again and return dragging Maddy's bed to show them.

We love and adore our old golden boy who has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives!


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