When rescued in July 2013, two year old Thor looked sickly, acted very lethargic, and was timid from being moved from home to home. As the smallest Golden Retriever we had ever seen, our Thor, at that time, certainly did not personify the hammer-wielding God of Thunder known as Thor in Norse mythology.

In addition to being malnourished, he suffered from Valley Fever and tick infestation.

Strong and athletic, our Golden Retriever now lives up to the mythology, particularly in Thor’s role as a protector of mankind. Nicknamed “Thor by the Door”, he dutifully protects his human parents and the family home by standing guard with his back to the front door or wherever he feels he can best protect us.

When not guarding the front door, Thor brings joy with his fun, mischievous personality and his infectious smile. He loves meeting people, playing with other dogs and chasing rabbits. Confident, loyal and playful, Thor, now 4 years old, has blossomed into everything we could hope for in a Golden Retriever! We love and appreciate Thor. Thor has found his forever home thanks to RAGofAZ.


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