Angel was rescued two years ago this month from an unloving and unkind world. She touched a deep place in our hearts and came into our family at a special time.

Who knew we would soon need an “angel” to help us overcome tremendous grief at losing our precious old Golden girl. In a short two years we have been through much together and if possible we love her more each day.

Angel is a wonderful ambassadog for RAGofAZ and loves the attention she gets at our gift wrapping and meet and greet events. She has even been a welcoming foster sister when a new RAGofAZ dog needed a place to stay for a few days.

This last Christmas, Angel got a younger Golden sister which has delighted her. They snuggle, play together and fill our home with joy and laughter. Angel and her sister Cozy are passionate swimmers. They jump with abandon into the pool to catch tennis balls thrown for their pleasure.

We are so grateful to RAGofAZ for rescuing our amazing girl and letting us be her forever family.


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