December Lucy290

With almost 9 years of memories, Lucy was an extra special Golden that we miss dearly. From the day we adopted her from RAGofAZ, she instantly became part of our family.

She loved her treats-- patiently waiting by the pantry door throughout the day. With a huge smile on her face, she happily went on car rides and walks. It seemed she was trying to tell everyone where she was going all the time carrying her leash in her mouth.  She loved to swim--it was her favorite thing to do.  We don’t know how, but somehow she knew without anyone saying a word, that we were upstairs changing into our swimsuits. There she was, waiting eagerly, standing at the door to the pool.   Lucy would when sit by my side, chin on my lap, big eyes looking up at me, and then she put her paw in my lap. The most unique thing we remember about her is how she always waited until the last person went upstairs to bed. She would follow behind them, but not before she grabbed a shoe to take with her. We will always keep Lucy and these memories in our hearts forever.


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