September SimbaTango290

Simba and Tango became a duo in November 2013 when we realized that Simba appeared to be mourning the recent loss of his companion dog, Lady.  Sad eyes, we thought, he seems lost.

 RAGofAZ had recently taken Tango into rescue after a wonderful foster family had saved him from being “dumped.”  An oldie but a goodie, Tango had eye, skin and ear problems, weak hind legs, and needed to be altered.  But all we really wanted to know was if Tango needed a home – our home.  Simba and Tango connected immediately and have been inseparable ever since.  Simba has always been outgoing, energetic and affectionate while Tango initially seemed “folded in.”  Over time, as Tango regained his health and strength, Simba has helped him learn to assert himself and discover his “inner dogness.”  Now, we can’t even say the word “park” without the two of them running around and wagging their tails furiously.  And both of them will beg for petting and attention, lavishing love on everyone they encounter…especially us!


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