February Timmy290

 We are the classic "foster failures".  We were asked if we would be able to 'immediately' foster one of the Goldens brought in from El Paso, Texas.

We arrived for the meet and greet and Timmy marched to my husband's car and did not even look back!  My husband immediately bonded with this gorgeous light golden who was missing three toes on his back foot.  He needed orthopedic surgery to remove an old corrective plate which had "popped" off of his rear leg bone After the surgery we had an orthopedic brace made and Timmy now has developed a swagger only very confident Golden Retrievers possess.  The brace is used mainly as a walking boot to help correct his gait. Without the brace on, his is fast and very agile!  Timmy found a good friend when  Sasha, a Golden puppy,  joined our family at 16 weeks.  She keeps him active and entertained. . Thank you RAGofAZ for allowing us to adopt this wonderful golden boy!


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